Anneke Hymmen (1977, Germany) studied conceptual art at the AKI in Enschede and has more than 20 years of work experience as photographer for various magazines and clients in the Netherlands and Germany. She knows how to capture people in a natural way even in a constructed setting. In her personal work she maintains the same strong feeling for composition and human expression while allowing for improvisation.
Kumi Hiroi (1979, Japan) studied economics in Japan and Graphic Design at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. She has been working as graphic designer/art director for Dutch and Japanese clients since 2010. Her sense of imagery and design is modest, at the same time, her style is eclectic. Analytical approach and her imagination make her a strong editor and storyteller.
Collaboration between Hymmen & Hiroi is a partnership between an analytical and intuitive approach to imagine making. Hymmen, drawn by the relationship people and environment, capture the energy of the model. Hiroi is the storyteller who threads in a structure that runs through the entire project. Combining their strengths they create images that are fictional and constructed, yet natural. In a constant dialogue between two artist and two ways of working, research embrace intuition and control makes room for chance. The resulting images are complex yet simple, seductive and calm at the same time.